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This is christmas

This is christmas  | PARENTS AT CHRISTMAS; HOMELESS FAKE SANTA WHO WORKS FOR $5 A WEEK; IS THIS THE REAL SANTA? | image tagged in memes,is this a pigeon,christmas,santa,stupid,homeless | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
1,119 views 26 upvotes Made by UnbreakLP 5 years ago
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2 replies
Ummm, not to sound callus, but I thought you were dying? I hope your sob story meme about your going away wasn't just to garner upvotes.
9 ups, 5y,
3 replies
I was just thinking the same thing...looks like it was just an upvote ploy...LOL
5 ups, 5y,
1 reply
F**k you. He was lucky to survive! If you think it was just a plot to get upvotes, Then you're way too brain-dead for imgflip. GTFO.
1 up, 3y,
1 reply
true and I agree. Please don't cuss though.
0 ups, 3y,
1 reply
0 ups, 3y
I shouldn't judge. it's your choice.
3 ups, 5y
No it was not. Kinda sad you think that :c
1 up, 3y
Damn this thing happened even 2 years ago?
Well it’s a much more common thing nowadays i guess
3 ups, 5y
I kinda understand what you mean but I don’t really need these upvotes that much. Of course I like getting upvotes and being on the front page is a great feeling but I would never lie to my favourite community <3
4 ups, 5y
No it ant!
3 ups, 5y,
1 reply
Hey, UbreakLP, It's been 2 months since you have posted this, and I was wondering if you are still okay. You said while back that you weren't doing very well, and I just want to know if you are okay.
5 ups, 4y
I‘m sorry for worrying you, after I got into Reddit i kinda forgot about imgflip. I can tell you that I’m in perfect condition :)
3 ups, 5y
Yes! Your still here! Told ya I would say hello to you agian!
2 ups, 5y
$5 a week for sitting on a chair and asking kids questions sounds fair.
2 ups, 4y
Hey, UnbreakLP, been a year, just checking up on you, you okay? From the comments on here I see you're on reddit, what's your u/? I want to see some of them spicy memes haha
1 up, 2y
The cancer might have come back. And that's why he hasn't posted in 3 years
1 up, 3y
this been his last meme
rest in peace my friend
1 up, 3y
1 up, 3y
Just wondering, you still good? Your last post was a year ago
1 up, 4y,
1 reply
I thought you had terminal cancer?
1 up, 4y
Oh shit i just read the dates and now I feel like a asshole
1 up, 4y
theres fly butter fly likes (butter)
1 up, 3y
Are you okay???
You haven't posted for a while....
0 ups, 12mo
its been four years hope your doing okay
0 ups, 12mo
It's been a shitty year in 2022. Hope you doing good tho
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Is This A Pigeon memeCaption this Meme
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