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George Orwell misquote

George Orwell misquote | IMGFLIP; MISQUOTING GEORGE ORWELL SINCE 1985 | image tagged in big brother 1984,memes,george orwell | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Newspeak without it there is no 1985!
The primary aim of Newspeak is to reduce the meaning of language as well as the number of words possible. To this end, Newspeak removes all synonyms and antonyms. Bad instead becomes ungood, warm becomes uncold, and so on. Notably, ungood or uncold are used and yet unbad or unhot are not; the fictional “Party” controls which antonym of a word is used (e.g. warm and hot are both antonyms of cold). By choosing which words the populace can use, The Party can choose to shift thought in a more positive or negative direction to suit their needs; ungood, for example, makes the populace feel less negative than bad would, and conversely, most associate more negative emotions with the word cold (and therefore, uncold, which actually means hot) than with the word warm. Synonyms do not exist; words like satisfying, great, or excellent, for example, would all revert merely to some form of the word good.
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Big Brother 1984 memeCaption this Meme
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