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mr krabs money

mr krabs money |  I JUST WON $1000 FIRST PRIZE IN A DAD JOKE CONTEST; I GUESS YOU COULD SAY IT WAS A "GRAND DAD JOKE" | image tagged in mr krabs money | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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So there's a guy. Hes a poor guy. He"s walking down the street and sees a $10 bill lying there. He picks it up and says "Sweet! I'm going on a vacation!" He runs to the nearest travel agent and saus "I'd like to go on a vacation and slams the bill on the counter. The agent looks at him and laughs. They say "Well I'll check if there's any you can afford. At the very bottom of the list there is a single ticket left for an all-out extensive cruise. And its only $10. The man says "I'll take it!" and runs town to the pier to catch the cruise. He gets there as they are boarding. He shows the captain his ticket, and the captain leads him to his cabin. They walk through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class. Past the luggage. Past the boiler room. Finally they get to his tiny cabin, right against the very hull of the ship. He looks around in it and there is only an alarm clock, a nightstand, and a bed. The next day, he explores the ship and discovers the pool. He decides to try diving. All of a sidden the captain comes out of the shadows and says, "Wow. That was the most spectacular dive I have ever witnessed. What do you say to diving in front of all the passengers in a couple days?" The man agrees and continues to practice for the next couple days. Finally, the day arrives. He walks on deck but three captain says to him, "Wait one more day. We need to erect a higher board for you." One more day passes. He walks on deck again. The passengers have all came to cheer him on. He looks up. He can't even see the top of the board. But he starts climbing. He climbs and climbs. He reaches the edge of the atmosphere. Out into space. Past the moon. Past Mars. Past Jupiter. Past Saturn. Past Uranus. Past Neptune. Past Pluto. He is sitting at the very edge of the solar system. And he jumps. He soars past Pluto. He tears by Neptune. He races by Saturn. He zooms past Jupiter. He flies past Mars. He smashes right through the moon. He hits the Earth's atmosphere like a rocket, flaming up like a meteor. Straight down into the pool of the cruise ship. And KERACK! Right through the pool. Right through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class. Right through storage. Right through the boiler room. Right through his tiny cabin against the hull of the ship. And straight through the hull, down into the ocean, where he gouges a 37 foot deep trench in the seabed. He comes up gasping for air. The passengers help him onto the boat.He looks around and everyone is cheering for him and clapping loudly. He takes a bow
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The captain runs up to him and says "That was beautiful! Are you a professional? But how did you perform such a great feat? The hull, it is 10 feet of solid steel. How did you do it?" The man replies, "Well, being of a pretty poor background, ive been through many hardships in my life."

I know. Its terrible to have to read so much for such a terrible punch line. But nice meme! Keep memeing my friend.
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Batman Slapping Robin Meme | THAT JOKE TAKES A LOT OF PATIENCE WORTH IT | image tagged in memes,batman slapping robin | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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That was one sweet story loved the punch line
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If only i was there to see my prize
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