No one else will get this. I'm really just posting this for myself.

No one else will get this. I'm really just posting this for myself. |  BASIL GOOSE | image tagged in wheeze | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Here's a joke. So there was once a gardener. He was famous for being able to look at a garden and know exactly how many bags of mulch he needed. So one day, he gets a call and drives over to this millionaire's estate. He looks at it and says, "I need 18 bags of mulch." So he goes to a Home Depot or something and gets 18 bags of mulch. He brings it back and sets up the garden. A few hours later, he is done. He steps back to admire his work. It's beautiful. Everything looks perfect. Except he notices there is an extra bag of mulch. He is distraught. His whole career, his entire life is shattered before his very eyes. He depended on being able to know all about mulch. His very way of life was over. He needed to get rid of the bag. He got in his car, drove for hours and hours, and finally drives into a large metropolis. He walks to the largest bridge there, takes the bag of mulch, holds it over the edge, and drops it into the vast metropolis.
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