You can't kill bad grass, but you can re-elect it

You can't kill bad grass, but you can re-elect it | I'M NO POLITICIAN -------- CHECKOUT THE FLAG AND MY REGULAR-GUY SHIRT | image tagged in vince vance,mitt romney,political meme,politicians suck,corrupt politician,a regular guy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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"How'd those last 2 elections go?" Asks Big Bird getting last laugh | AWW.... BUT I LIKE YOU, MITNEY! | image tagged in vince vance,seasame street,big bird,mitt romney,the last laugh | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
The key difference between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump is that Romney's father was an elected politician; Mitt has chosen the same profession. Whereas, Trump's father was a self-made businessman; Donald worked primarily as a businessman throughout his life. I remember the story of the dog in the manger: a dog can't eat hay, but he'll bark at the Holstein to keep him from his meal. In 2012, Mitt was not man enough to beat Obama in the election. The Massachusetts Candidate from Utah quite simply was jealous seeing the overwhelming popularity of The Donald. As The Ultimate Waffler, many accused him of being, in 2016, Mitney wrote and issued, what I consider to be the most scathing letter in the history of American politics decrying a candidate of the same party right before his election. Trump's honesty exposed Mitt for what he was. The failed candidate would rather see an undocumented criminal as president than have a righteous man claim the Oval Office. To the list of things Mitt hates, add Trump next to Big Bird. In school, I took Civics. From my dad I learned patriotism when he came home from The Battle of the Bulge. I was a High School Band Director, musician, bandleader, a successful composer who traveled 20 countries, 34 states and voted in as many elections as possible.

Experiences with which I've been blessed have given me a well-earned dislike for politicians ?regardless of political affiliation. Donald J. Trump can't be bought. He merely wants to do some good. That's what kills Deep State RINOs like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan: Jealousy. Too weak to go through the fiery gauntlet that forged the 70-year old Trump, the mangy dogs in the DC Manger just scratch their fleas and bark at the Bull who's getting things done. ?Vince Vance
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