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Stop with the political memes! (Look in comments)

Stop with the political memes! (Look in comments) | SERIOUSLY GUYS; STOP WITH THE POLITICAL MEMES! | image tagged in angry spongebob,political memes | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Imgflip was made to be a fun meme site where you can make funny memes and share them for the world to see. The keyword is "funny". I used to love going onto imgflip and browsing the front page, and I still do, I just can't go through the front page without seeing a political meme there. If you look up the definition of "meme" online, one of the definitions includes the word "humorous". Humorous. Funny. Is sharing your political views to people expecting jokes funny? I didn't think so. If you really want to share your political views to the internet, do it on something like facebook or twitter, not imgflip. I don't even see the point of political memes either. Is anyone going to look at a political meme that expresses different views than there's and think, "Hmm... maybe I should rethink this and change my mind."? Nope. Most people, or at least I just downvote it and move on. So if they don't follow the premise and feel of memes/imgflip, and they don't make anyone change their mind, then what's the point of political memes? That's right. There isn't one. In face, political meme is kind of an oxymoron, because memes are funny and politics aren't. Imgflip, and the meme format in general, is not the place to express political feelings and views. So please stop, and help make imgflip great again!

(Cmon, after a whole paragraph about political memes, I had to squeeze that joke in there.)
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