Too Damn High

Too Damn High Meme | THIS BOTTOM CAPTION IT TOO LOW | image tagged in memes,too damn high | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
86 views, Made by anonymous 4 weeks ago memestoo damn high
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Are you the same guy as Joe_Shmoe?
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i dont know who that is so no but do u have any advice i am a new IMGFLIP user any advice on how to be popular?
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How to get points:
Only super-new users get points for upvoting memes, which is just the first couple you upvote. Everyone gets points for commenting, and you get more points for meme comments than plain text comments. It's also impossible to comment 200 times in an hour, because of the comment timer, which makes you wait a certain amount of seconds to comment again if you've been commenting a lot. Other ways you can gain points:
1. Make memes (4 points)
2. When people upvote your memes (40 points)
3. Comment (I think 2 for text, and 4 for meme)
4. When people upvote your comments (30 points)
However, if you're here just for the points, you won't have much fun. It's a lot more enjoyable to make friends, have a laugh, chat with other users in the comments, etc. If you're having fun, the points will come easily.


Code of Conduct:
In general, just be nice to people. If you troll people, comment mean things, etc. you'll turn all of Imgflip against you (like what happened to Joe_Shmoe). Feel free to downvote a meme if you don't like it, but if you target one user with a bunch of downvotes then that's not very nice.
Imgflip Customs:
1. People usually upvote a comment when they reply to it, unless it's offensive or really mean.
2. People usually reply to someone who comments on their meme.
3. Occasionally Imgflip users host a "Page 9 Party" where you go and upvote all the memes on page 9 of the "Hot" pages.
4. Sometimes (though a lot more nowadays) Imgflip users host meme weeks, which are themed events (for example, "SpongeBob Week" or "Music Week"). You find someone to co-host the week with (or you could do it solo if you want) and make memes related to the theme during whatever date you set (which is usually around a week or a little less).
If you have any other questions feel free to ask me!
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Too Damn High memeRe-caption this meme

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