Dana Loesch and Cruella De Vil - Both are deadly.

Dana Loesch and Cruella De Vil - Both are deadly. | NRA Dana Loesch Cruella De Vil BOTH ARE DEADLY | image tagged in dana loesch,cruella de vil,nra,deadly women | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Did you know that the Parkland shooter was cutting himself on Instagram and showing off his weapons, and had to be given psychological evaluations by the county? Oh, you don't care? Neither did the FBI when someone close to him called their tip line months ago and told them "he might be a school shooter in the making." They didn't forward that information to the nearest field office or to the Sheriff's Department. Telling the Sheriff's Department might not have helped since they had been called to the guys residence at least 39 times (some of which had to be after he was no longer a minor 17+) and they didn't arrest him or report him which would have caused any felonious or domestic violence behavior to be recorded in the FBI's database so he would not have been able to legally obtain his weapons (which he did by passing the FBI/NCIS background check that everyone who purchases a weapon from a gun store must, which was legislation supported by the NRA!) It is not the NRA or lawful gun owners that are the problems, it's the broken criminal justice and mental health systems that are the problem but pointing those out do not further a political agenda.
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This meme was about lack of empathy. I do try to be non-judgemental. I have seen her several times and one of the things I always look at are the eyes. The eyes are windows to the soul. I am now a retired teacher. One of the things I did was to work with all sorts of students. Some of these children/teens were non-verbal and the only way to assess their well being was to observe actions, words, and eyes. Her appearance during the Townhall did not fit with her words of condolences. Again this is my opinion due to my training. Yes, all of his behaviors should have been TREATED. Reminder that Trump did a sign a repeal of the law that allowed communication between agencies to help ensure that people with mental illness had a more difficult time getting weapons. I worried about this more in the case of returning soldiers that have been committing suicide at an ever increasing rate. I did not think of the impact this would have on those seeking weapons to shoot up a school. And yes, I would be one of the dead bodies because I know that I could not go on if any child in my care was injured. This is the snopes article ranked as mostly true https://www.snopes.com/trump-sign-bill-revoking-obama-era-gun-checks-people-mental-illnesses - Thanks so much for responding
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So Loesch lacks empathy, how does that make her deadly?
Saying her lack of empathy (which may be true, I don't care) equates to her being deadly doesn't compute with me. That isn't an argument or evidence of anything.
Saying that any person(s) other than the one who pulled the trigger seems immoral to me. What is the evidence, their "lack of empathy?"
I am aware of the legislation that Trump repealed. One of the reasons given for repealing that legislation was that it interfered with the Second Amendment rights of elderly veterans who had representatives handling their finances. Those people were not suffering from dementia or any neurological disorder so there was no reason to stop them from being able to legally own a firearm for self defense and defense of their homes.
Saying that the repeal of that legislation would stop any communication between agencies concerning mental health cases (especially those with violent tendencies) is inaccurate.
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(So Loesch lacks empathy, how does that make her deadly?)

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another is one of the most important human traits. When I was teaching, the students I was the most concerned about were the victims, the loners, the hyper aggressive, and the ones that lacked empathy. At my school there was an alcove in the hallway right outside the gym. A perfect place to have chats with these kids. There was only one that I was really concerned about and that was one that lacked empathy. There was another in the judo class. He looked to be late teens early 20s. Never looked at you, worked with you as if you were a tackle dummy, never said a word (and we were a very friendly group), mentioned this to my sensei. He had a - hi welcome to the class - sort of conversation with him and the guy never returned. I was not the only one that noticed his lack of what I term empathy. Other than being pursued by a stalker (I got a big dog) for a few months I have had a really simple life.

(I am aware of the legislation that Trump repealed. One of the reasons given for repealing that legislation was that it interfered with the Second Amendment rights of elderly veterans who had representatives handling their finances.)

This is an excellent point. I would have preferred waivers given to cover this issue. The other huge problem is that mental health care gets cut often and many go untreated.

I really appreciate your dialog.
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