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 BAN; BUMP FIRE REVOLVERS | image tagged in bump fire revolver | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
657 views Made by Jkkek 4 years ago
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Before you thrust your opinion in our face, howzabout you learn what you're talking about?
* Bumpfire refers to the WAY A GUN IS FIRED - it does NOT refer to the kind of gun that one is talking about
* Because of the amount of travel a trigger takes to make the hammer drop, bump firing occurs in auto rifles and auto pistols, but NOT revolvers!
* And while I bask in your ignorance, shoulder stocks and long barrels have nothing to do with bump firing, regardless of what gun they're on! Do yourself a favor and watch this YouTube demonstration of bump fire:
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You mean this photo I made on MS paint isn't a real thing? Holy shit.
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Don't break an arm patting yourself on the back - you're not that good. The way you have that collapsible stock laying on the frame is amateurish at best.
I just wanted others to know that you're full of hot air and that you don't know jackshit about guns!
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No shit, why are you taking IMGFLIP so serious? lol
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