Cheers to Haters who became fans

Cheers to Haters who became fans | NOT SURE WHY HATERS BECOME FANS BUT CHEERS MATE | image tagged in memes,futurama fry,cheers,haters,true story,true story bro | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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BONUS COMMENTARY: (For those who didn't understand the meme.) This is sort of about both stuff I do online as well as in regular life. It's sort of the story of my life to step in with something of a deceptive appearance. I'm really good at manipulating people who hate me over a lie into accidentally doing something I want them to do that benefits me. Sometimes a lie is something some asshole created or some naive person is repeating who doesn't know it's a lie and I'm dealing with the cards I dealt. Sometimes it's a lie I created on purpose to discredit myself in the name of accomplishing something deceptively that usually involves screwing over bad people without them being able to realize it.

The happy ending is always the one where someone who thinks they were supposed to hate me isn't stuck on stupid anymore and figures out the truth that their hatred was based on a lie or misunderstanding of some kind. That's when the haters become fans. This meme goes with with "Cheers to my haters" memes as a kind of secondary concept as it's meant to apply.

I give a cheers (something you say at a toast when drinking with someone you're friends with expressing good cheer and positive energy) to all the haters, because some of them may become fans at some point. I don't say cheers to my haters to mock them. The idea of saying cheers with a drink in your hand implies a victory toast when whatever the hell I'm doing is over and the people who thought they were supposed to hate me would rather have a victory toast with me instead.
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