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If Bill Clinton didn't **pe anyone, why are his supporters still trying to justify what he didn't do?
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For the same reason - we tend to support people we like. Bill Clinton was a popular if controversial president, and that helped. Also charismatic. For better or for worse, (usually worse) these things do make a difference.

Anthony Weiner is in jail. No one to blame but himself, and nobody - as far as I can tell - is defending or justifying him.

But if I tell you I'm not guilty of raping someone I can't say that it was consensual and ALSO say that there was no sexual contact. It's one or the other.

Using an example from 2,000 years ago to (Joseph being much older than Mary) to defend allegations of a thirty something man thirty something years ago having sexual contact with a teenager with whom he was in a position of authority is ridiculous.
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Not sure what Joseph and Mary have to do with this, but in this country (the United States) you're supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Moore has not been proved guilty, just some words slung out during election time by some unknown woman claiming she was fondled. I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. And until he is proven guilty by a court of law, he's innocent.

Bill Clinton was proven to be a liar in court and under oath. That's why he was impeached. Anthony Weiner was found guilty in the court of law as well. That's why he's serving time in prison, even though it's a slap on the wrist.
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Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler called the claims in The Post report "much ado about nothing," even if they are true. He pointed out that Joseph was older than Mary, and also made a few other Biblical comparisons.
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If I DIDN'T try to molest teenage girls... ...then why did my supporters quote The Bible to JUSTIFY what I didn't do?
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