Proof for Post-Tribulation Rapture/Resurrection

Proof for Post-Tribulation Rapture/Resurrection | image tagged in memes,post-tribulation,rapture,first resurrection,pre-tribulation lie,job 1412 | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVEN'T SEEN ENOUGH CHARTS! | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I bought my white robe and ladder. I'm heading to my roof Friday night. I'll see you on the way up!

Seriously though, I don't know why so many believers find comfort/pleasure in debating adiaphora and peripheral doctrines. I speculate that those things are easier to debate than doctrine that really matters.
What someone believes about eschatology is not going to keep anyone out of heaven. Even these unstable souls who are twisting scripture to predict the rapture this Saturday. Their eschatology is way off but if they are born again/regenerated by the Holy Spirit they are still gonna be in heaven.

Personally I'm a "pan-millennialist" because it is all going to pan out in the end. I hope the pre tribbers are right and I live like they are, expecting Christ at any time, while preparing myself spiritually and physically for enduring some real hardships. I teach others the same thing as well.
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James, as a former pre-Tribber for 50 years while I served the Lord with my whole heart, neither do I believe that someone's view on eschatology will keep them out of heaven. But I can't tell you the liberation and confidence in the Word that I've gained to learn that I was sold a stupid, satanic lie . . . which amounts to deception . . . which is why I do this. Surely I would have gone to heaven when I died even having been deceived about the Rapture timing, but why should Christians walk around deceived and believing anything their pastor/any other pastor tells them? What ELSE are they believing that is based on absolute lie and zero truth? Turns out, I was lied to about so much else that I met with a cataclysm of sorts and quickly defected from a church that I thought was embracing the truth. Turns out they were embracing anything (and anyone!) but! Turns out my former church and pastor pass every "Are You In A Cult?" quiz with flying colors . . . little did I know. And the corruption abounded, so I discovered to my shock and alarm. And there I was: house-bound and believing that I had "degrees" of truth underneath my graduation cap. Now? I may as well be out in the middle of the Sahara desert, trying to find my way back into town . . . after 50 years of serving God with a sincere heart and assuming that the doctrine I'd been taught my whole life was of the highest order.

Christians need to stop buying and believing anything and everything that comes across the pulpit and delve into the Bible THEMSELVES, as the Bible itself admonishes us to do! And so . . . I make memes purely for awareness that other sincere and sleeping/comatose/completely unaware Christians like I was may wake from their sleep and immerse themselves in actual truth. ;-)
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