One Does Not Simply

One Does Not Simply Meme | WHEN THE TOP USER HAS SO MANY VIEWS AND VOTES BUT THEIR MEMES ARE WACK, MAKES YOU WONDER WHO EXACTLY ARE THEY SUCKING OFF TO LOOK SO GOOD? | image tagged in memes,one does not simply | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
271 views, 1 upvote, Made by Alsky 19 months ago memesone does not simply
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Dr Evil Laser Meme | IT'S KNOWN AS "NETWORKING" | image tagged in memes,dr evil laser | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
There's buttons on every meme you make, as well as embedding codes so you can share your memes to all your friends. You can share on Twitter, Tumble, Facebook and more. Involved in other discussion groups? Use an embed code to let them know.

You have the same chance the leaderboard members have.

Next comes your interaction with other posters. Don't be afraid to encourage a list, post a funny meme reply, and interact.

Don't spam your memes, but on occassion, leaderboard members will ask you to share some of your memes. Interact, share when appropriate. And don't complain. My first post was a post saying I got all of these points all of a sudden and I don't know how. It was a positive. It turns out I did what I recommended to you just now. When I reach a milestone, I post a thank you meme.

Oh, one other thing. It never hurts to be entertaining.

And never get into name calling
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Haha cheers I was on playing tho. I don't take it so serious
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Too bad. You had some memes that were pretty good. I'm currently working on a stream that should help those that want to get on the leader board and don't really know how. You've got the content down, just start sharing on other social media. And if you see a meme that tickles your fancy, upvote and reply.

But it's what you want to do.
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I don't get how sharing this on fb or twitter etc would help it? Is it not just for imgflip. Would love this as a job lol
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Simple. You use the button to share the link on your Facebook page. Even if they aren't members of imgflip, they can view it. The more views it gets, the quicker it moves to the hot pages, where flippers can upvote and comment. But the views come first, usually. My cousin is a flipper and we both share our work as soon as we finish it. When we see a share on our newsfeeds, we'll follow the link, upvote, and even comment if we have a smart ass comment. Often this is before the meme is even featured. You come out of the gate with 30-50 views. If they share it as well, more views.

I don't know how many active flippers there are here, but the number of views may well excede the members.

Heck, I even share good memes that aren't mine because my small circle knows to expect something good.

Now that's just Facebook. I also do Twitter and Tumblr. Somewhere along the way, it's going to be shared.

I've had this account less than three months. I won't delete an account again because, by now, I would have been on the leaderboard. I'd like to hit a quarter of a million points by Valentine's day, which means a lot of work. I may have to make a point w**re meme. LOL. But I'd rather just make good memes.

I did a little math, and realized that I average about 11 comments for every meme I produce. Less than half are on my own memes. That's part of the networking. Just join in the conversations and memers will join in as well. They look for your memes at page 9 parties, which start soon.
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