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"I'm so smart now!"

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uhh i need to be a 911 victim to see if thats true
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heres a way to experience that:
step one: order a plane.
step two: wait hours until you get plane.
step three: order two towers.
step four: realize you shouldve ordered it at the same time so you would not have waited 2x longer.
step five: recieve the towers.
step six: wait till 9/11.
step seven: put the towers in your backyard.
step eight: ask your brothers/sisters to crash at the towers with the plane youve bought.
step nine: go sit in one of the towers.
step ten: wait till the fun begins!
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ok thanks!
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i tried and it really worked. only the plane and the towers cost much. but that doesnt matter. one of the best experiences!
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How to become Lade
Order a plane
Throw people in it
Have your best friends try to fly it
you crash into a tower
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911 victims after going through 89 stories in 10 seconds: