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when the rice cakes have cocaine in it

150 views 4 upvotes Made by anothersettlementneedsyourhelp 5 months ago in MS_memer_group
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I love offending people, when I was taking a shower I made a very racist asian joke. Then I laughed then my hand turned the water to the hottest setting then I burned my skin, I screamed for 2 hours. Then my dick started itching, then it went down to my testicles then back to my p**is, then there was a huge red rash on it. It was extremely painful, then I hurt both of my ankles while going down the stairs. Then I fell down, then I had to take a shit. I took 2 hours taking a shit, then I got up and I realized I had to go take a wizz. I took a wizz, then I fell down and crawled up the stairs of to my office. Then I found out my friend died, then I took off all my clothes and jacked off. The End.
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what a lovely story
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