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252 views 36 upvotes Made by BadLoneWolf 3 years ago in Upvote_Gifs
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still my favorite upvote gif ever
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so I gave the upvote an upvote!
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Distracted Boyfriend Meme | THIS GIF ME EVERY OTHER GIF | image tagged in memes,distracted boyfriend | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
never thought a lighter would look so magical
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This is the instructions to comment with a gif

go the image page | click "show embed codes" | click in "BBCode" | copy the text | go to your comment | paste in the link and then delete everything before "http://" and everything after ".gif" (if you want to post a normal image as a comment, do exactly the same thing but instead of ".gif" it will say ".jpg"
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Dont look at hello.jpg i was looking at creepypastas and it talked about hello.jpg and it scarred me for life
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