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One Does Not Simply Meme | IT MIGHT NOT HURT FOR YOU TO DROP THE SIGNATURE FROM YOUR POSTS | image tagged in memes,one does not simply | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Seriously, that tagline kills the punchline of any thing you submit. Even if you had a page one submission, that would be a killer to it go make it.

Numbers game? I had hundreds featured before I finally hit page one. Still, I sat there on page two and three several times a week. My cousin has made it there as often as I have, but it took him five memes to do so to make it there the first time.
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So you are saying that the word "disappointment," the tagline, is the problem with this meme? Just out of curiosity, what would you suggest would be a better tagline?
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No, that's the title. The tagline is your signature on every meme. It distracts from the point of the meme. I don't recall any self signed meme showing up on page one since I've been here. People see you as a poser because of that because your original memes aren't that original. Drop adding your sig, and you'll see your posts do better. If you must have your sig on all your work, use a subtle watermark like I did in my comment meme.
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Well if I'm such a poser and my memes are so unoriginal, my stuff would never make the homepage anyway, so I guess it doesn't really matter whether or not I have my signature on my stuff anyway.

Since you've already insulted me "People see you as a poser..." "...original memes aren't that original..." could you at least do me the courtesy of telling me how to get and add a subtle watermark to my memes and gifs?
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Sure. Go to Lunapic. It'll take a bit, but it can be used over and over.

Upload a blank, solid color image. If you don't have one, the blank memes here will work if you select a solid, single color. Black or white works well.

Upload your solid color image. Go to edit, and select transparent. Select the color to make transparent, and now you have a clear canvas to put your text on.

Go to the menu, select draw, and add watermark. White text @ 50% transparency looks best. Type your signature in and finalize it. Next, go to edit And select autocrop. That trims away the excess, which makes it easier to put where you need it. save as a png file.

The key on using a watermark is to keep it out of the way. Notice my usage above, in my original comment meme. Out of the way, non distracting, but easily seen.
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Thank you.
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