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Hallway Swimming

197,863 views 616 upvotes Made by anonymous 9 years ago
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this reply was dated 9 years ago
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Small world, MJ.
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lmao how did you find this gif from almost 3 years ago? O.o hallway swimming is cool, although I never had a hallway wide enough to do it :/
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woooo I so want to do that. pity there's no school corridors like that, nobody here would ever be safe...
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Our new Zumba move!
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When Ops says they have nothing to do.
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hahaha!! this is just perfect!!!
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I'm doing this someday O3O
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I will do this at work, in my suit.. cool
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he just left his advanced meth class.....
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Post in the furret stream pls. this is funny af but my school dont have smooth corridors like this
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Looks fun
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He shmoovin
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I used to do this in school XD
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Yay, swimming in the floor
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