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AOC Squad in politics
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You have a palestinian , a black a hispanic and a black muslim, Damn you want to create a bit o white nationalism? The poster children for the least trusted minorities. YIKES!
Untitled Image in fun
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A meme taking off and that feeling when it reaches the top. Enable the sound, it's worth it! in fun
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Hey Orville hand me that [iece of paper. Sure Wilbur. Whatcha got? This ! I call it the paper airplane. Wonders!!
You'd think this would be obvious. in politics
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One they moght not be the kidsof the one claiming them, kids are being bought and sold for the scam on our border Do you not feel bad for the kids used? how about the 3 yo left abandoned in the desert after the rats got in and did not need the child BP saved the kids life
A Stable Genius! in politics
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A daca , has lived in a 1st world nation speak English and have an education . Think of what a blessing they could be to their home nations. Think of them being here on an apprenticeship plan. They are here illegally and are unneeded by the American people . Before you bark at me look up what happen to you if you enter any other nation illegally.