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Be good sheep, now... in politics
0 ups, 8m
Nothing like a bunch of whiners that's never worked a day in their life telling you that it's great to be taxed 70%+ to take care of illegal aliens, lazy people, and cons. What a bunch of idiots.
Be good sheep, now... in politics
4 ups, 8m
First, you're real mistake... Which shows your limited knowledge of liberal policy and agenda, or college brainwashing... "Universal healthcare would cause the greatest spur in economic growth in American history." Here's the fact, OBAMACARE was/is "Universal Healthcare." The term universal healthcare only insinuates that everyone has the same coverage. We have that now. OBAMACARE dictates who is covered, what is covered, and what we get on an insurance policy.

To date, there has been no huge "spur" in economic growth, except when Trump cut back restrictions on businesses and started leveling the field with the much lower cost of doing business overseas (another project of Obama/Biden/Clinton).

Your statement is so utterly ridiculous, and dumbfounding.

What you meant to say was a single payer system, where the government pays for your insurance. There is no proof in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD that this would be the case. See China, Russia, Brazil, and Cuba as reference. Socialist and Communist insurance programs don't accomplish anything for the people. They flee from those countries to come to America for what we have now and over the past 40 years. Why? Because it is better, safer, and patient centered. Unlike their system that limits coverage, let's people die, because it's cheaper, and never gets treated due to long lines, lists, and medical field shortages.

Might as well wake up and realize that your very statement, proves that Tocqueville was entirely accurate. That statement (from a then liberal) will hold up and has held up for around 150 years. It is proven true, every time that a socialist regime pops up and says, "We can do it better." That hasn't happened, yet, in the history of the world.
But, let's blame Trump for the problems, LMAO in politics
4 ups, 9m
Yeah, well... I don't think Biden is going to pull of the victory of the century here... Unless the DEMs cheat. Which is their MO
The REAL TRUTH on racism in America... in politics
4 ups, 9m
One man hangs himself, and it's a racist problem??? So, my friend hung himself a few years ago... Did a black man sneak in his house and hang him in the closet? People hang themselves when depressed. It happens, even in f-ing California. BTW, my friend's brother said that he had been happy go lucky and all was well. Just a bunch of idiots trying to start something. Doubt anyone is running around lynching black people, because of one guy in California wanted to make a statement as to his sadness in public. Get proof, get real, and quit buying BS.