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I Made This Meme...All By Myse-eeelf
all the best for the nominations, hope you sweep the floor :D I'm off into hibernation now and get some bloody work done! see you in a few'll be top 30 by then!!! ;)
2016 imgflip Awards nominations for "Best Commenter" & "Best Demotivational Maker"
Best Commenter: Juicydeath1025. special nod to Becket for his "selfie" memes too, always funny!
2016 imgflip Awards Brackets For Best Memer: #31-100
Nominations: #s 31-40: ChumpChange #s 41-50: MnMinPhx #s 51-60: smerkin #s 61-70: a1508a #s 71-80: The_Psychedelic_Fur #s 81-90: Paxxx #s 91-100: TammyFaye
2016 imgflip Awards nominations for "Best Username Ever" & Most Innovative Memer"
Best Username: Sewmyeyesshut. for the combined use of name and supporting imagery! Most innovative: Ghostofchurch for the "scavenger hunt" thing...even tho i didn't get passed the second clue :( special nod to TammyFaye too for her use of Hayden Pannetiieriierieire reply memes/bad puns and gifs...and for owning that shit! :p
2016 imgflip Awards nominations for "Most Helpful Memer" & "Best Gif Maker"
nominations: (i've only been here 4 months so all nominations based on what i've seen since then) Most Helpful: DashHopes - probably the first to offer help and come to my aid when i didn't know wtf was going on :-p Best Gif Maker: TammyFaye - zero to hero in no time at all! but in particular for her "boardroom" gif, made on MS Paint, that's no mean feat! :-D