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if you can use a proxy/vpn and access uk websites, i think you'll get the whole series on the channel four website. definitely worth a look ;)
for the kids and teenagers of Manchester, England. RIP
i don't think you're a conspiracy theorist at all. i believe the migrant crisis, and subsequent terrorist attacks, are being engineered to cause social unrest in europe. the EU are already preparing for this. The EU is essentially, a trade organisation, that's all. they insist they have no political agenda but did you know the EU has its own army? last year, they gave their army a mandate to set foot in any european country....even NATO can't do that. i believe there will be serious race riots across europe within the next five years with the end game being the introduction of martial law and turning europe into a third world, corporation run country; just like africa is today. This is why the EU were desperate to introduce TTIP (our equivalent of TPP), to give corporations complete control over their practises in europe. this is why many brits, like myself, threw a spanner in the works last year with brexit. and that's why i'm getting the f**k out :D
for the kids and teenagers of Manchester, England. RIP
the guy who committed these murders was under surveillance but still allowed to travel to iraq and syria...i think it coulda been stopped
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I'm gonna create an alt account tomorrow to give this another upvote :p