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Steve Harvey
Lol one county in my state had more registered democrats than people actually living in it
Steve Harvey
My wake up call was a few years ago when I saw bush and Kerry were part of skull and bones... It's all a dog and pony show where the steeple believe they have a choice... This is even further proven by the sham obamacare where each party is talking about single payer... With 5g getting ready to be rolled out a totalitarian technocracy is on the horizon... But what do I know just keep watching the kardashians lol
That Would Be Great
Well thanks :) I don't comment back a lot... I didn't come on imgflip to pick fights (did that on Facebook years ago and it ends up nowhere).. I usually upvote everyone's comments unless they are plain outright rude
That Would Be Great
Ha ha ha!!! Cut me some slack... I made this half asleep and still tipsy from the night b4
That Would Be Great
Cause cause a typo is the cause cause lol