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the-PKMN Announcement Temp in Pokemon_stream
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This is his message:
Hello everyone. I had my brother type this because I can’t currently feel my fingers. If you want an explanation, this is it. Some of you might recall that about a week ago I said that I would not be posting much for a bit because I was starting a business. That was just a cover story. The truth is that my breast cancer has grown a lot worse. I didn’t tell y’all the truth because I didn’t want anyone to be concerned. I thought I would get through it, the doctor said I would. Got word today that I have a low chance of making it. So I want to send a message, just in case.

I first joined imgflip over half a year ago because my cousin said that it was a fun meme site that had a Pokémon chat. I joined the Pokémon stream and decided to do a nuzlocke run and post updates about it on the stream. It was a very fun run and a great way to introduce me to a great community. I would end up having some high highs and some low lows with the Pokémon stream and my life during my time here. But over the past month or so as my cancer worsened, I realized that I truly cared a lot for this stream and it’s people.

I decided to make a poster for the Pokémon stream with everyone’s favorite pokemon. I hoped it would be done before anything bad happened, but sadly it will remain forever unfinished. I had about half of all names before I had to go to the hospital. I’m truly sorry it didn’t come to fruition.

I would like to call out a few people in particular, but know that everyone on this stream means something to me.
Cinderace. A nice person overall, and she gave me my mod so that’s fun.
Frost. A cool guy who was always nice and was the namesake of my Toxtricity that was on the champion team of my nuzlocke.
Starwing, or Foox as I honestly better remember them by. They were the ONLY person who came to the meet and greets. Also just a cool person in general.
Sylceon. Sure, I haven’t been to affectionate towards them in recent months but before the OC crap happened they were cool.
BMO. The map games were some of the most fun I had on the stream, even though I tended to get out early.
Most other people I want to thank I just can’t remember their names, sorry.

Thank you everyone for the time spent. If I make it through, I can’t wait to see you all again. If I don’t, I’ll see you on the other side.
Until then, I’ll be battling Arceus with my Hydreigon.
Untitled Image in Rickroll-stream
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He didn’t. Issa repost.
Untitled Image in Rickroll-stream
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Seen it
My fellow Imagine Dragons fans would agree in Music
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Honestly fair. They were one of the first bands I listened to.
Untitled Image in Pokemon_stream
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Three vaporeon posts in a row. Someone has been influenced by the copypasta /j