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"A Responst" (repost of, and reponse to) Evilmandoevil's meme, for Repost Week!
Here's the link to Evilmandoevil's meme - Note: There are some pretty messed-up NSFW-type comments on it, so be warned.
The truth about imgflip.
Lol! That's the most perfect comment for this meme. :-)
The truth about imgflip.
I'm glad some of you found this funny (or relatable), but I can't see why this got to the front page. This is an imgflip in-joke, and if someone comes to imgflip looking for funny or cool memes to share, I can't see how imgflip in-jokes would be helpful to them. Memes like this should just be downvoted once they come anywhere near the top few pages of Hot. Definitely some funny comments on it, though. :-)
Norwegian forest cat