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I no longer am a member. mainstream memes are ever changing, and I follow them. my Twitter account is @theslowstack
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Thank You to Everyone!
You have more points than me, and probably have been here less than me. It's strange how the internet works.
I've had a good time with y'all, and will not forget.
I've had a rather short run, about a year and a half. I made plenty of friends that I'll probably never see in life, but friends nonetheless. The memes of IMGflip are no longer popular, and most are reposts. I will still be running my website, and my Twitter account. I will not delete my account so that the world can still enjoy my old memes. And to all a good night!
C'mon, do something original!
just my 3rd sub cuz i have no idea what to submit
That reminds me of a song I've heard!
Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers
Why hello there! I'm also a nobody!