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america is a fine place.english is a fine language.reasonable women are fine.liberalism is truly a serious mental issue.
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be careful guys, in Boobs
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looks like a photoshopped picture .
The Illiterate Aren't That Great At Researching Things. in politics
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the statements in this meme regarding replacing a congressman or senator are untrue. each state is a bit different but it has been done before and should be done more when politicians show flaming disregard for best interest of the nation and the voters in their district and state. presuming anyone could find any honest governor court or congress in any state.censure would also be a plus. R.I.N.O.s are and always have been the bane of america. heaven help us .
When you can't even clear such a ridiculously low bar. in politics
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simple as our corporate overlords figured. ABC anyone but clinton
modern politics has become a televised liars contest in politics
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never trust a liberal particulary a R.I.N.O.