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Sudden Clarity Clarence
Well said, i couldn't have said it better, i think that's my biggest problem with jenner , the woman of the year thing.( you should have to be a woman for that) And as you said being a publicity hound . I've had friends that work in movies and teevee, ask me if I'd do some shit like that and i just laughed at em. No effen way. I never lied to nobody, when i got together with my wife i told her straight out, she still wanted to be with me. I knew when i was 5 years old how i was, and made it a point in life to never have kids, 30 years later and no kids. That would be very wrong of me , i think.
Sudden Clarity Clarence
I guess i shouldn't make fun of ole Bruce, Caitlin, or whatever scl he is, being as im a guy that looks like a girl, but gosh darn it sure is funny.