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Batman Horrified
Yes. I sleep in a Batman mask
For love of Country. From Easy Co.
Long time ago. I should pick it up again. He was one of the greats.
"The animation guy was let go..."
BLENDER! HAHAHA if only o could figure it out....
Literally EVERY other country. Even Syria.
I was referring to the meme. Not your comment. Greenland wasn't part of it. That makes it not LITERALLY every other country in the world. AAAAAAnd why wouldn;t they want the US to be part of it? We were practically funding the damn thing. Which also had no stipulations for if you don't "comply" with the agreement. For Example: We make an agreement that our farts are killing our neighborhood. All the members of the hood sign this agreement (except the Johnsonsbecause they are Vegans). You state you would reduce your Farts (by one fart a week, hardly a relevant change and you are the single biggest offender) but didn't, nobody would do anything and you could continue to fart making the agreement stupid, except for the fact that the rich guy down the street (USA) has to send you cash to buy all your anti fart medicine that you accept and spend on other dumbshit like xbox games.