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He's a cold azz 76 year old. in politics
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Quite normal to happen in hours and be gone in days.
It's usually a result of poorly regulated blood pressure in someone his age but could happen from your late 30's for same reason
Have you ever gotten shampoo in your eyes? This can cause a quite severe bursting of blood vessels in the eye, which usually disappears within hours.
If you got punched or had some other trauma directed at your eye when you where 16? Did you actually have more serious damage than a burst blood vessel? Like detatched retina? This kind of damage is much slower to heal.
We have a reservation for Jussie Smollet 2.0 in politics
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Well, this is MAGA country! What else would you expect.
I survived America's ONLY coup attempt in politics
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Smedley Butler? wasnt he the guy who stopped a coup around ww2 area?
Thank You Chrissy in politics
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Doesnt Chrissy have something to do with pedophilia or child trafficking? The tiegan woman I mean.
Low bank account in politics
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Yeah, whats happened to the boat the other month with 100 million or something of cocaine that JP owns?