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Congratulations, Trump, you're going to kill us all! in politics
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I am aware of your no links policy, that's why i wrote" If you wish". But yeah the one child policy ended years ago.
Untitled Image in politics
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I tell you what, I wont get fooled again!
How many Americans must die? in politics
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Or Eastwod, Clint Eastwood.
corona in politics
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Hi, I just read the thread here. Plenty of information to straighten some minds out but obviously some people are not grasping a thing your saying.
I hope it's contolled within the next month so that people can get back to a more normal.

In reading what your involved in I will put a link below for an interesting project in which they are getting samples of the Virus and tracking the genome and it's variants. I think it will interest you and you may not have seen it.
So far they had tracked that America had people from 15 different countries bring the virus at the time first cases were being recorded, And this number of sources I cannot see exceeded for any other country. The sheer number of people that must have been walking around with it is no help in controlling it but I'm not sure if the 15 origin countries equates to people from individual countries or do Chinese travellers make up a majority who found alternative paths back to US after the ban from China. Anyway, good to read your thoughts and opinion.

Link below
Third World Skeptical Kid in politics
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They wont they know all the answers.