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He is the greatest threat to America, that breathes! END OUR NIGHTMARE! Dump this Psycho Sociopath; Dump Trump.
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This TRAITOR has destroyed much of what was good and righteous, in America. We CANNOT take ANY more of his bullshit! DUMP TRUMP! in politics
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Thank you; Happy to know that there are others, around here that are sane! ...Yes, it is sad that some folks, here, can't seem to think for themselves and can only regurgitate what Fox news or Dipshit Donnie says.
She will ensure that the most corrupt, ignorant jerk, to EVER occupy the White House WILL BE TOSSED TO THE CURB! Dump Trump! in politics
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Almost all politicians have baggage. Harris will make Pence look like the fool (that he is), in ANY debate. AND, (God forbid) if Biden died or had to step down, Harris could function, wonderfully, as President! (ANYONE would be better than that lying asshole, occupying the West-wing, now.)