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Loophole the Left
It's funny how times have changed... It was 1985. My school was on the other side of a mile of prime squirrel-heavy hardwoods from my house. During squirrel season I would case up my shotgun and take it and a box of shells to school with me. I would leave it in the office until school was out and then I would hit the woods and go home. Nobody ever had a problem with it and my shotgun didn't jump out of the case and go on a killing spree. High school, some time later. Every boy carried a knife and because we always had some hunting season in there was a gun in every truck. Sometimes more than one. I saw many fights in the parking lot where guys were beating the crap out of each other very near these guns. Nobody ever thought about opening a door and grabbing a gun. It just never crossed our minds because we were taught to take care of our business but to value human life. The guns didn't jump out of the vehicles and start killing people, they just sat there. The guns haven't changed. Some of us carried semi-automatic rifles and shotguns and they never killed anyone that I'm aware of. So is this really a gun problem or is there something wrong with our society?
Loophole the Left
Yup. A gun shop here in New Mexico has a pink AR-type rifle for sale. It's a Ruger, I believe. It's pretty sweet though. My daughter wants it ????
Two Sides To Every Coin
Totally get it.
Two Sides To Every Coin
Yes, I'm also socially awkward so I get it. I have ways of getting around that, like cosplay or being on a stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people. Either way I'm someone else for a time.
Two Sides To Every Coin
That would be refreshing for sure. I hate mind games.