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We don't care
No, I'm not kidding. Democrats want everyone to be victims so they will look to government to solve all of their problems.
Picard Wtf
Agreed. Those with violent criminal convictions and those certain mental health issues shouldn't be allowed to get a gun. Background checks are already in place. I know because I submit to them every time I buy a gun, even at a gun show. But I'm left wondering how the mental health of the buyer can be verified. It seems like a doctor would need to be involved, and then I wonder if it would be our personal doctor or some gun-hating government lackey with an agenda. Furthermore, which mental health issues would disqualify potential buyers? I have dyslexia, which is a psychological condition, and can buy guns every day if I want. What about HIPAA and my right to privacy? Who would be responsible for gathering and storing my personal information? Who would have access to it? These are questions that I want answered before I will support any change in the system we currently have.
Creepy Condescending Wonka
But you still have a brain.
Creepy Condescending Wonka
That person is a douche and doesn't even live here. Ignore it.