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David Hogg
WOW that was professional red herring logical fallacy throwing..
Black Girl Wat
I'm not sure what a P O S T I O N is and and I don't grasp how CLINTOON has anything to do with Trump. I'm not talking about the b**ch..
David Hogg
Those billions to Iran? It was their money that The White House Froze in the Accounts. No favors to rich friends?? I’m going to say it’s my opinion if you dig enough ? He’s family and others are profiting from his actions. Politicians are elected thieves who thrive on insider trading created by the laws and policies they themselves create. On the military stand down? If it truly happened? That’s on Clintoon. But it’s BS she’s running around having people killed. A smoking gun is required. Trump? He’s a narcissistic, lying womanizing pos douche bag. Always has been. I know his history. From the late 70s, 80s, 90s, ect.