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if you look to hard for the joke you wont find it. try to make the joke get inside you. 10k points on 1/11/20.
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Blank Transparent Square in fun
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why is this just why
Dont You Squidward in fun
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also your meme has 1 frickin upvote in the past 3 months so your meme sucks b**ch
Dont You Squidward in fun
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dude number one it isnt a good meme.
number two it is not copying at all
and number three it literally says THIRD GRADERS WHEN THE TEACHER SAYS POOP and yours says ME AND THE BOYS IN THIRD GRADE WHEN THE TEACHER SAID POOP theres a huge difference you horny ass pervert an i dont care if you downvote it cause nothing will happen STUPID ASS LMAO
Drake Hotline Bling in fun
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poor meme
Me And The Boys in fun
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this was copied by one of my other accounts when i was bored at school ok so this is not copying