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Untitled Image in politics
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Those who commented the mocking of her accent wasn't true, here cut and past this.

melania trump accent mocked

No excuse the hard part was done for you. Dang, forgot....liberal media didn't cover that, did they? No wonder there are so many misinformed people stumbling around in the dark.
Constitution in politics
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The shrew lost, and lib want to change the electoral college, let illegals vote and fight a physical barrier on our border.
Fraud Machine in politics
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We are a constitutional republic not a democracy. The electoral college evens out, without it we would have only major cities determining the outcome of elections with a large majority of the country being left out. Being butt hurt over the Arkansas Shrew's loss is not justification to make changes. Funny how it's ok when the left wins, what if the outcome where different....yeah, thought so.
Crazy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in politics
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Yeah, you got it.
Stupid Cat in fun
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They want to change that to 16.