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Pleasing Intelligent People, a tax on the tiny brains of the Libtard...but hell, they like taxes, so it is all OK
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laughing is always good- esp when you are a babe
CGM is scattered through out my posts-----
Don't strike me blind now
Yup...."what we have here is a communicate"
Debating Democrats be like....
you watch CNN right ?
Debating Democrats be like....
yeah but no....was that before or after we had record unemployment under the Obanus, $400 Mil sent to Iran , men using women's bathrooms, his sec of state getting US killed in Benghazi & him weaponizing the FBI & DOJ? No I do not cheer for ISIS' buddy & traitors to the you ever root for US ?
Feminism in a nutshell ( pun intended )
. They have equal rights....this is BS because it is about power...not rights.