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Pleasing Intelligent People, a tax on the tiny brains of the Libtard...but hell, they like taxes, so it is all OK
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I was raped, I WAS RAPED !
All thanks to Henny Youngman- a great old Henny joke. Seems to fit today now doesn't it?
Nike- Sometimes sacrificing leaves a bad taste in your mouth
nice---I was considering that too but I wanted it to look like the Nike ad....that is why I love Meme....creativity to the max...nice goin'
Jimmy Stewart- Henry Fonda
Flew in WWII too. I try not to get too wordy w/ comix so i hoped the pic of him , really in his uniform & not from a movie, would help. Thanx though, I did not know he flew then too. B-17s sure....but in a B-52 too....he was too cool
One Vote ? Who cares? Preventing thousands of Illegal votes? That could change an Election(s)
—->>> if YOU AGREE- this should go VIRAL  If the Government won’t protect America’s Elections - it is time for the citizens to do so - LEGALLY How could they tell who is really ICE & who isn’t? If you were here ILLEGALLY would you take the chance & try & vote ? ICE IMMIGRATION - border patrol immigrant - Mens COACHES Jacket, XL, Black