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Happy New year to all. Hope you have a great new year's Eve and a even better 2017!
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Speed dating
I still haven't played it yet, it's supposed to be fun but to me it's just annoying being that after it became such a hit pretty much every single YouTuber I liked started posting nothing but FN, personally for me PUBG is better (at least mobile, i can't afford a XB1 or a good enough computer) I can usually place top 10 or 3 if not win :D . But I'm a big gamer so I'm good at most games
Or those quarter machine's
I've never been able to reach past the 2nd shelf.
Well as long as you don't mind him looking at your behind while he lifts you........
I'm not bitter towards you tall freaks. (Tall = over 5ft) lol
Crap I meant 5'7, yeah I guess you could say that though it's mainly from my dad's side of the family, funny thing though is I'm actually a tiny bit taller than him :D