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President Obama was informed by the FBI about the Russian hackers in September, before the Election
Agreed. They tried to hack the RNC as well, but failed because the RNC didn’t have an idiot named John Podesta working for them to open a phishing email. The media doesn’t mention that much.
Trump Bill Signing
Everything Trump does is America first. Just last week Trump demands that other countries pay more into NATO and calls out Germany to their faces for paying Russia billions of dollars in a backdoor deal for oil...and the media, knowing how stupid most of their veiwers are, tells their sheep that Trump is helping Russia...they of course can’t explain how, but that doesn’t matter.
Trump Bill Signing
Your comment makes zero sense. The economy is much better now than it would be under anyone else. It’s really very simple. Cut regulations and taxes and the economy soars. Democrats wouldn’t do either of those things. I’ve bever seen business owners more optimistic than they are now.