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I'm only concerned about how long that kid's neck is
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If you are still making video game memes, do a Cuphead: "Don't deal with the Devil" one. It's a really fun game I play about these brothers (Cuphead and Mugman) who wander too far back into Inkwell Isle, and end up on a winning streak in the Devil's Casino. Then the Devil makes a deal to which if Cuphead and Mugman win again, they can keep all the loot in the Devil's Casino, and if they loose, the Devil takes their souls. Cuphead, blinded by riches, nods and takes the dice from the Devil's hands and rolls. But Mugman, understanding the dangers, tells Cuphead not to. But it's already too late. Cuphead gets snake eyes and loses. Cuphead and Mugman plead to the Devil not to take their souls and asks if there is anything they can do to keep their souls from being taken. The Devil says yes, and gives them a task. He tells them to go around Inkwell Isle and collect the soul contracts of runaway debtors by fighting and defeating them. Once you get enough soul contracts of the runaway debtors (A.K.A all of the soul contracts) you can move on to the next part of Inkwell Isle and at the end, you can go back to the Devil's Casino and either back out of the soul contract deal, or give him the contracts and join the Devil. There are three parts to Inkwell Isle, I, II, and III. I really like Cuphead, and I think you should make a meme about it, if you are still doing that. Sorry I'm late.
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shouldn't this be marked NSFW