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Don't have enough points to post my meme but I fixed it. I added responses to every one of your assholish idiot statements. 1. Intersex people exist so that whole "Adam and Eve" bullshit is just that... bullshit. There are people born with BOTH male and female genitalia. Go to and read about those people and go ahead and continue to post bullshit memes about how certain you are gender is a set in stone black and white issue. In the end, you will be the one's to pay with your shame when you look back on your life, if you have a soul, and have to feel the shame and ridicule you've caused others to feel. You'll get to feel it times to ten. So laugh now and then pay for it later. Go ahead and be my guest. The rest of it is easily shoved right back in your bigoted face, as well. Like, "Communism will never work..." Okay, then ask Jesus Christ if it will work. Seems to me selling everything and following him while continuing to share everything with no one living like a king while the rest suffer is a pretty good indication J.C. believed in communism, so are you a Christian or a "KKKristian?" (no need to answer... we got it.) The majority of us have never called you "Literally 'Hitler'" but the one or two people who did just meant you are a bigot, asshole, KKKonservative and you are, so own it. Stop whining about Donald Trump? Okay, we'll just Resist the hell out of him until he resigns or goes to jail. Dealio? Stop creating memes because your feelers are hurt for being your bigoted self and experiencing consequences for hurting others. I wouldn't want to experience your "life review" when your life is over and you get to feel everything you've caused others to feel. You can change now... your choice. My experience has been most like you are bigots to the bitter end and, yea, the cost of making you feel shame for who you are is well worth the good it might accomplish to get you to wake up and start respecting other's truths.