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Retiring from Imgflip. 2015-2017. Thanks for the memories! Special thanks to Juicydeath1025, Raydog, and socrates.
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Retiring form Imgflip. Thanks for the meme-making fun everyone!
I'm retiring from Imgflip because careers, but mainly I don't get on here all time like I used to back then. Top 7 of my Best submitted memes:[ Top 5 of my worst submitted memes: I'll probably return, but it would be for very little. I really want to thank for those who commented on my memes, and even comments - active or deleted (or even retired). Special thanks to Juicydeath1025, Raydog, and socrates! You guys are the best, and i'm sure there are others too. Anyway, Thank you Imgflip. It was nice making memes [like a scrub]... 12/23/2015 - 8/14/2017
nazi yatzee
idk why I even posted this...
Mona Lisa with ATTITUDE!!!
Just lurking around... again...