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Are they really going to learn anything though? in politics
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So your admitting Trump had the authority to kill the terrorist Soleimani.
You blatantly lied about Trump assassinating Solemani.
Glad we cleared up the fact you're a pathological liar.

Now let's move on to your other blatant lies, solidifying the fact you're a pathological liar.

Still waiting for citation on your Obama/Biden not caging childre
Untitled Image in politics
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That's your reply you can post more photos. WOW!!!

You showed me a photo of of peaceful protesters and when your argument failed you posted a different photo of rioters, and as I said you lumped them all together.

The topic is burning buildings and destruction, remember? Of course you do.
But you're a Trump hating lefty, that keeps moving the goalposts to fit your lying narrative. Pathetic.
Untitled Image in politics
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The protesters were peaceful, they weren't rioters. No destruction was caused. That's what the first photo you posted shows
Protesters didn't break in, DC police let them in.

The second photo you posted shows a small number of people behaving exactly the same way small numbers of BLM rioters act. The difference. between the two, According to Democrats and the MSM
It's racist to lump BLM protesters together with a small number of rioters, but it's perfectly fine for Democrats and the MSM to lump Trump supporters with a small number of rioters and say Trump incited an insurrection.
Untitled Image in politics
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So you're pretty sure, but not positive. Got it.

The protesters in the other photo aren't breaking any windows.
Keep trying.
The answer is obvious. You're just refusing to admit it.
Untitled Image in politics
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The majority of BLM do have a BLM insignia on their clothing.
Antifa members wear black and hide they're faces so their parents don't ground them. Trumptards wear MAGA hats as a sign of White supremacy.

So why not one single MAGA hat in your photo?