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online but like, actually online | creeper face, c h e e s e
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name's Greeeeeen if you need that for roasting in rareinsults
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Isn't that a good thing? I am 50% off from being a car and that's a good thing but you added a 5% now thats just cool
Roast us in rareinsults
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first guy looks like a 14 year old twitter user who obsesses with dream every f**king day, and the other guy looks like they made vodka drunkenski merged with a countryball and a baguette
OOF in rareinsults
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man that aint an "anime enjoyer", i dont want to be associated with that clown bro
j in fun
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ill try this
j in fun
1 up, 18h
me explaining to twitter users using their own logic on why being racist to being racist is racist to racist people