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Psst I'll let you in on a secret
I have no complex, both of you are unbearable assholes. You know damn well that I am referring to Bob Parker's va**na comment as sexist, and both of you with calling me a dumb-ass, neither of you can carry on an intelligent conversation, all you do is fling insults and make insinuations. Therefore you are not worth my time or respect.
Psst I'll let you in on a secret
They start the top twenty percent of income at 134,000 a year, I'm shocked that the top 20% is actually that low, that's sad. I'm really sick of you jerks calling me names & acting sexist. If you want me to watch something ask. If you think I'm ill informed and you have a reliable source then I'll look into it.
Columbus "landed" in America in 1492. For 89 years it has been celebrated as a holiday.
I know you were just being sarcastic coolermommy when you said you only felt that way because of white guilt, that made me chuckle. I am only lamenting this whole thing of "revisionist history" and "white guilt". Why do they choose to believe such things about and label people that only seek truth and equality?
Columbus "landed" in America in 1492. For 89 years it has been celebrated as a holiday.
I don't believe there should be a such thing as white guilt seriously. All throughout history the human race has managed to use labels, group up those most like them, declare the others inferior, and moved to dominate. Before Europeans discovered that there were other vast lands, they did the exact same thing to eachother, and all along there were good people of the same races who fought against atrocities. Good and Bad people in every Race/Religion (unless the purpose of the religion is to embrace evil for personal gain). Can we not put truth into history & choose to not honor men we know to have committed great evils, without feeling guilt? Being half White (German/English) and half Native American, I do not feel guilt for the bad things done by bad people on either side. I just want truth taught to the Native and White children, that neither are inferior to the other.