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Im not arresting you because youre black, i pulled you over because youre black. Theres a difference. /s
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I hope one day your group, whatever that may be, is not declared "undesireable". This is why we cant put people in camps. Before long we are living in nazi germany. And if you side with the fascists dont get mad at being called a nazi.
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In other words: f**k you, nazi.
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Imagine this. You live in a third world country. You live in extreme poverty and your children cannot eat. You have drug cartel shooting up your town and killing citizens. You have absolutely no money. You hear of a place called America and how it's the Beacon of Hope and opportunity and your kids can eat and go to school and be safe. Now there is a Visa process to get into America bit of course you have no resources and the nearest office to apply is a couple hundred miles away. Oh and look here come the cartels killing again, you grab your kids you run. Tell me how to get here legally asshole
Liberal Press Bias
I love how the ones that scream fake news will create fake news. Fascism 101