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Hans I think we may have a problem
Skelatar - Don't get too excited Hans? Hans - Was ist es? Skelatar - That's all you'll from me. Hans - What? Skelatar - Um, that's all I got? Hans - Idjoot!! Skelatar - Um, are you kidding me? Hans - Well at least you could dance! Skelatar - Um, okay darling for you I will jig! Hans - Good, just keep you bony hands off me!
Hans and Karl excited whilst Kurt looks on
Hans - Ja Ja we have broken the mummy curse we are free! Karl - Yes, we did it!! Kurt - I'm not convinced! It vas too eassy! Hans - Idjoot, you should be dancing, like us!! Karl - Yes don't be a spoiled sport and start polling zat cannon!! Kurt - One of us must keep watch!
Ocean Road Moment 2018
from original digital photography
12 Apostles Vibe 2018
from original digital photography Feb 2018,