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the King & Queen of Oz
wild birds of Oz come for a picnic
Skelatar the ultimate sacrifice
Hans: Let him do it ...he's already dead anyways Kurt: You have no heart! Hans: Neither does Skelatar!! Idijoot. Skelatar: It's okay, the Gods be with thee ...I mean me!!
Hans move your ass Skelatar
Hans - Move your bony ass Skelatar Skelatar - I'm tired ...oh is that a flash of gold? Sphinx - I got a headache All - WE KNOW !! Karl - I can fix it Sphinx - my headache? Karl - no, we can give the mummies to feed off Skelatar's magic Skelatar - I got no magic? Hans - Idjoot, what's keeping you alive? Skelatar - Good point ....
Hans, Sphinx got a headache
Skelatar - Hans the Spinx got a headache Hans - It's Sphinxing Skelatar - Me thinks she Shinx us Hans - She got wood and you got bone for brains Skelatar - that's hard man Hans - Idjoot ...not as hard as getting the mummies of the f**king boat! Skelatar - Oh I can fix that ...I offer myself as a human sacrifice Hans - But you are dead Skelatar - I wasn't thinking of me ... Hans - Idjoot!
Hans, they're on the boat!
Karl - Hans they're on the boat Hans - Am I blind? Idjoot! Stop them! Skelatar - Oh yes, shine a light! Kurt - Look at all that Gold ! Hans - Once more ... I'm not f**king blind!!