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Change My Mind in fun
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Soylent green is a good idea.
warning in politics
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This reminds me of the XKCD comic: https://xkcd.com/385/
Profound in fun
Relief in politics
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The entire would only has a population of around 7-8 billion at a high estimate. If America alone had trillions, there would probably be no rural lands anymore, and barely any room if any for farming or ranching. Our economic infrastructure does not have enough to handle that many people. The entire world does not have the economic infrastructure for trillions. Jobs can't come out of thin air. We don't have that many places looking for low-skilled labor. A saturation of the job market will likely drive wages down. All trees would all have the be cut down for housing and construction to support them.

Trillions is a horrible Trump-style exaggeration, a number pulled out of someone's anal cavity.
thanos evolutions in repost
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I personally preferred the old look. They don't need the characters to look like a human. Sometimes a voice actor should just remain a voice actor.