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Zach_The_random_Hanakoxkuo_shipp (195262)
Joined 2022-06-22
Previous username: Ur_friendly_raeda_shipper.
'Hi I'm bi' -Luz the human.. I love many fandom like, toh, tpn, fmab, tbhk, pmmm, and way too many others 💀
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He's back dear God help us (Mod: Y'all really giving him attention after this many years?) in LGBTQ
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He's a pedophile that accused the lgbtq stream of being biphobic because he's bisexual but the big whammy is he's a pedophile and if anyone has their brain screwed on right you know pedophillia isn't apart of lgbtq and so the steam banned him and after all these years he's still coming back with alt accounts to stay on this stream
. in MS_memer_group
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Finally I don't have to hide my opinion on gays I'M BI- AJD FURRY AND LIKES ANIME AND BOW Y'ALL CAN'T GET ME BC THIS STREAM WILL BE GONE!!