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bad dream in fun
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I think i know what you saw
Wow look nothing! in fun
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The problem with your statement is that let’s say your playing gta like you said it’s not like someone is just gonna think “oh,I should go by a gun and do what these characters do in this game”it does not make you do violent thing and if someone think’s they could do what the people in the game with guns and stuff there crazy also you can’t only just play video games when your super bored you could play them and time because if it’s a game you like you would play it whenever you can.
Sonic Says in fun
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image tagged in fallout hold up | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Lynncoln's Valentines Day in fun
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I really wanted to see but this is a school iPad so.......
Why does this comic exist? in fun
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The most f**ked up thing about this is think of there damn age