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Hatred can eat at you until there's nothing left,.. until you become the thing you hate.... or a conservative.
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Got him! in politics
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So there was this farmer who was taking his cow to market with his dog in his truck and on the way to the market the farmer hit a rock, got  | image tagged in trump pence | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Hey, they (deleted) your insults and lack of facts. Weird!.?!
I realize you only have a lime green crayon to make memes with, but your obsession with Kamala Harris shows you are nothing substantial to worry about.
Remember Pence? LMAO
yep in politics
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and that son,.. is how we won the election but still lost to Democracy and voter rights laws.... | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
that was a good movie... I voted for the wall... and you still only use 'lime green' font... like a 14yr old.... HEY! are you even old enough to vote? lolololol
yep in politics
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You... are what's wrong with America
yep in politics
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like there was a choice....
Desantos is a Communist