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There are few whose word I will take at face value. God is one of those few.
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Is This A Pigeon
There are older models of M-16s that are full-auto, but AR-15s are technically all semi-auto.
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I don't like Rose, but I think Kelly Marie Tran gets a worse rap than she deserves
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1. Broke Poe out of prison. 2. Infiltrated Star Killer Base on a mission to open it up to attack. 3. Escaped the First Order with Rey. 4. Killed Phasma (apparently), though this one is arguably not that cool considering Disney made Phasma pretty lame. 5. Killed several Stormtroopers.
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I do agree that if you make money, you choose what to do with it. But it's unwise to miser as it doesn't make you happy, and it makes it harder for others to be happy. It's also inefficient. :D BTW, kudos on that Obi-wan liner up there. It was pretty good. :D
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Well stated sir.